Could a minimum really happen?
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Could a minimum really happen?


The simple answer is a definite yes, however the more important question is what will happen during a minimum period?

If you search the Internet on this subject you will find a wide variety of responses raging from "It could never happen" to "It would be the end of the world."

It's hard to argue with the historical record which says that during the last major period of solar minimum, which was in 1640, the world experienced a mini ice age and lasted for about 70 years. Yet I find it very curious that many so-called experts claim it will have no effect whatsoever on global temperatures. Yet-how can the historical record be wrong? ...silence.

When you take into consideration how little we really know about our planet and the rest of our solar system, it is really frightening. All of our knowledge about the earth has been gleaned over the past 1000 years (tops). Which means we have about .0000002% of observable knowledge when it comes to the planet we live on. I would wager we know very little about our planet and her life, rhythms and cycles.

The geologic record certainly tells us a lot, but the biggest problem with the geologic record is that we have to assume uniformitarianism which is the assumption that the current state of the earth (chemical make up and rates of decay, etc.) have been constant since the sun first shone on our planet 4.5 billion years ago. I'm amazed at how many scientists comfortably assume that uniformitarianism is correct. What this suggests is that all 4.5 billion years of the earth's life is the same as it is now and that all theories of the earth's behavior is being based upon .0000002% of what we actually know and have observed. I think you have to agree that this is more than foolhardy.

While I don't believe that the ozone will descend to the earth's surface during the next minimum period, as I describe in the book, or if it did that it would cause any real harm, what I intended to illustrate is the potential for the earth to experience more than decreased temperatures which it certainly could during the next minimum period.

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