Medieval Ascension
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Medieval Ascension

By Greg T Meyers

As the fabric of civilized society begins to tear away and be devoured by the solar minimum, those who were prepared quickly gather up the crumbs nature left while an obscure Senate committee struggles to keep stride with the all-powerful Toprak Esir Corporation who had been planning for the world-shattering events for decades. An unlikely alliance forms between an handful of U.S. Senate refugees and the English Crown who alone are left to organize a resistance against impossible odds. As the modern world violently crumbles away into myth, fantasy and folklore make up the nightmare of everyday life in a medieval world complete with powerful warriors and devastatingly beautiful women. As the survivors of the Minimum acclimate to an evolving planet where the laws of science and religion no longer have relevancy to the experience of everyday life, they must plan a war. Not only do animals and some humans grow several times their previously accepted size, magic and miracles force the remaining population to embrace the past with new eyes and understanding; realizing that medieval wisdom just might be the greatest of all mankind's achievements.