Blood Memory
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Blood Memory

By Greg T Meyers

From the scraps of the defeated Ravenguard, the Kingdom stitches together a tired and battle-worn resistance to keep Hengist and Horsa from taking Wales. The newly refurbished Conwy Castle (a wedding gift to Queen Veronica) proudly stands as the greatest prize in the entire Kingdom but a dark night in a church graveyard teaches Jess that Horsa's interest in Wales has a darker purpose and centers upon a medieval grave bearing only the haunting words, "We are Seven." After being defeated by the Pearl Rain, Horsa watches Jess disappear into the midnight forest, wondering how the Bishop had become so powerful without his notice. He knew Jess could be a potential barrier to his plan but never on the scale he had just suffered. Drunk on revenge, the Toprak war harbingers set their sights on the Archbishop of Canterbury and a battle between the two most powerful men in the world is staged; a Goliath verses Goliath finale. While Ted swings in a traitor's noose in Woodsome, Jess learns the origin of Horsa's dark power and the secret of The Seven through the brutal gift of Blood Memory but standing on the cliffs of Saxonice toward England, he is caught between the path of a martyr and the savior of the Kingdom.

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