Rethinking the Universe
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Rethinking the Universe

By Greg T Meyers

Each of us at this very moment, have the greatest amount of truth we are able to bear. Sadly however, many of the truths we hold are laced with deception. Everything you have learned is not a lie. If it were, making sense of the universe would be easy since we could just throw everything out and start anew. The difficulty we all struggle with, is that everything we've been taught has not all been wrong. Half-truths and all-out lies have been infused and hidden into our truths, making it painfully hard to sort. But if you had the opportunity to pull back the curtain and see what lie behind it, would you? This book has been written for only two types of people; those who are already convinced that we have been sold a bogus book of truths and those who are beginning to notice inconsistencies in the fabric the world insists are correct. The fact you are holding this book in your hands is proof that you are one of these two types. The title alone resonated with something within you and you turned the cover. Whether it be a book, an overheard conversation or a passing thought, we are all lead toward truth if we but have the courage to follow. Our world is structured against truth and the open exploration of it. Only when we understand that the walls of safety and contentment are the walls of a prison cell, can we begin the task of escape. I invite you to rethink the universe and reclaim the truth that is divinely yours.

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